XML Nesting

If you want to include nested elements in XML output, you can name your fields using dot (".") notation. For example, two fields named "address.city" and "address.state" will result in a value like:

    <state>New Jersey</state>

Chain dots together for deeper nesting.


To generate multiple values, simply add brackets containing the number of items you want to generate to the end of the field name.

For example, "friend[3]" would result in values like:

<friend>Joe Smith</friend>
<friend>Sally Brown</friend>
<friend>Mike Jones</friend>

You can also nest multiple values inside a parent element. For example "friends.friend[3]" would result in a value like:

  <friend>Joe Smith</friend>
  <friend>Sally Brown</friend>
  <friend>Mike Jones</friend>

If you would like a random number of values, specify a range in brackets. For example, "friends[2-5]" would result in 2 to 5 values being generated per record

Repeating Elements

To repeat nested elements, use the Repeating Element type. For example...
Repeating element 4aadd3f147a07531757b41e4f39faac59ad1bf5d6ee8a88c7b5c850af22958c1
...will yield results like: